"R+Co Analog Foam Cleanser"

September 9th, 2020

It's no secret that R+Co products have been at the top of the hair care product market for years.
With hair and scalp health their top priority, their products ensure immediate, high performing results with formulas that are color-safe, UV protective, and contain no harmful ingredients.
Their award winning products, like their Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner fill salons and stock online marketplaces all over the world, and just so happens to be one of our best sellers!
Read on to learn more about R+Co’s best selling product on chrischase.com!

RCO Analog Foam conditioner

What is it?

If there was ever a conditioner to consider the jack of all trades, this would be the one; I would be surprised if this was not a tool on Batman’s utility belt!
Even superheroes have to maintain their hair right? R+Co put a lot of effort into creating this foam conditioner, as they did with all their other products.
Its 25% shampoo and 75% conditioner compound make things much easier for you in the shower, so feel free to ditch that old shampoo if you can part ways with it! Its detangling agent makes styling a walk in the park and it is great for color-treated, coarse, thick or fine hair; There is not much this conditioner cannot do.

This conditioner was made with intent to give your hair a soft texture and keep it looking shiny and full. Bright colors and unique looks(link to blog about top hair colors) are trending now more than ever with people motivated to make a change after being on lockdown for so long. This product is mild enough to be safe for dyed or color-treated hair and will allow for longer lasting color.

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How to apply it for best results

It is as simple as massaging it into your hair, leaving it in while you continue your shower, and rinsing after about 3 minutes. This Conditioner is great for thicker or curlier hair that users can apply practically every time they shampoo. Individuals with thinner hair should try to avoid using this for every shampoo as it may result in the hair looking a bit flat. Blow drying without any styling products will result in a pristine, bright, and natural look!

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Where to find it!

Whether you are looking to make a style change, or on the hunt for a better shampoo/conditioner/styling-aid, R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner is hands-down the best solution and is available on our online store. Check out R+Co and other product lines today and get started on the new you!

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