March 31, 2020

cardi B classic blue hair

2020 is no doubt off to a rocky start, and while we’re all responsibly self-isolating and social distancing, spring is under way and summer's sure to follow. We’re taking the time to look ahead to the coming seasons and inspire you to reemerge with a fresh new look. Bold colors will be big and so will their more subtle variants. So whether you’re going for drama or for a more subdued change of pace, read on the see what suits you. Here’s a hot take on 5 color trends that will turn heads in 2020. We’ll start with the heavy hitters.

cardi B classic blue hair Classic Blue

Following last year's Pantone Color of the Year 2019, “Living Coral,” they’ve chosen a bold yet comforting “Classic Blue” for 2020. This style has been adopted by Cardi B, Billie Eilish, and numerous K-Pop stars, among others. Pantone has a knack for picking winners and we won’t disagree. The coloring process can be a bit more intense, but the results are well worth the effort. As always, trust your stylist to help you achieve your desired color and to help you maintain your tone.

rainbow hair braids Future Rainbow

Optimistically, we’ll all be ready to get out of the house for summertime. And lest we forget, June is Pride month! Rainbow coloring, or as it’s also known, Unicorn Coloring, is a leap beyond playful with vibrance and energy. As a spectrum of color is blended from one to the other, hair takes on a whole life of its own. This dreamy fantastically bold multi-color hair style might just come out on top as the most righteous accessory as summer kicks off.

maisie williams soft pink pastel hair Soft Pastels

If you want an outside the box look with a softer impact, pale pastels are the way to go. Renowned stylist Edward Triomi is on board with a look he’s calling ‘Killed By A Flower’. “Colors like rose, blue, and all pale tone colors are great. They always work well in any style from highlights to contrasts and even your entire head.” Softer shades like Champagne Pink, Blueberry Pastel and Dusty Rose have a velvety appearance which, admittedly, does require touch-ups to maintain, however these softer pastel - and subdued pinks especially - have a reputation for fading well. That being the case, it’s a safe option for those experimenting with these tones for the first time.

ash gray curly hair Grey Ash

For a darker look that steals glances without being too playful or shocking, Gray Ash is a versatile and striking choice with a natural ombre effect, warming and brighter at the tips with darker root and mid-length tones. If you’ve ever wanted to go darker with your hair color, but aren’t quite ready for Ink Black, this is a subtle way to achieve bold professional style in a soft youthful look. Applicable to nearly any hairstyle and customizable with other color influences. Gray Ash could be your first step in a whole new direction.

surfer blonde hair Surfer Blonde

True as ever, summertime is a fabulous season to go blonde. With angelic sun-bleached strands popping up through warm subtones, Surfer Blonde style is effortless and flirty, suggesting a ‘just out of bed’ or ‘just back from the beach’ care-free look. Suitable for hair types from straight to wavy and curly. Less bold than some of the previous styles on our list, this casual flirtatious look is also easier to maintain. Of course, your stylist knows best, so if you can find your inspiration our experts can take you there, keeping you just a step ahead of the sun.

Bold, colorful hairstyles will explode this year after having been pent up during these early months of 2020. Of course, many more trends seekers are looking for a new brand look, without diving into the deep end of coloring style. With that in mind, we hope this little list gives you something to ponder while you’re in your cocoon over the next weeks. One thing is for certain, when we meet the sun this summer we come correct.