"Growing Long Hair Faster"

January 23, 2019

smiling woman with brown wavy hair wearing a  black top

Does it feel like your hair takes forever to grow? You’re not the only one! For some women, long, healthy and strong locks just happen, and for some it takes a lot of effort. Waiting for your locks to grow can take you loads of patience and is a slow process, but there are some things you can try to quicken the process. Whether it is about brushing, changing your diet or switching up your hair care routine - there are some things you can try. Check out these tips to help your hair grow longer,stronger and faster!


Probably you never really thought about the way you brush your hair, but when letting it grow, it’s essential. Always remember to brush your hair before going to sleep as it helps to distribute your natural scalp oils into your hair and keep it moisturized. Keep in mind, you’ll want to be extra careful when brushing your hair wet. Wet hair can break easily and needs to be treated with care. Do not hesitate to try different kinds of brushes in order to find out which one detangles your hair best and most gently. This can also be wide-toothed combs instead of traditional brushes.

woman in blue dress and red lipstick with long wavy blonde hair over her left eye Get Regular Trims
At first sight, it might not seem to be that smart to cut your hair when trying to grow it, but once you do, you’ll see it is everything else but counterintuitive. In the process of growing hair, the ends of your locks will get older and older, dry out and will be more likely to break. By cutting your hair slightly every 8-12 weeks, you remove split ends and avoid hair breakage. These trims will barely take off length from your locks and pay off in stronger, smoother and shinier hair. Book now!


A healthy diet does not only make you feel better physically and mentally, but will also change the appearance of your hair significantly. Proteins and complex carbohydrates are proven to maintain a good hair growth cycle, so make sure to include them in your diet. Proteins can be, for example, found in lean meat, fish, veggies, and dairy products. Foods that are high in complex carbohydrates are for example brown rice, whole wheat products or oats. Besides this, there are certain vitamins, like biotin, vitamin C, D and E, that promote hair growth and healthy locks in general.

smiling heart faced woman with red hair Scalp Care
When focusing on growing your hair, you can’t forget about your scalp. Basically, your hair’s health depends on the health of your scalp, and when it comes to hair growth, your scalp is an essential component. To treat your scalp, we recommend a hair care routine specially designed for your scalp’s needs. This can be, for example, the Serene Scalp Collection by Oribe. The product line includes several products to take care of your scalp, including a cleansing scrub and a scalp soothing leave-in treatment.

Grow Your Locks

Are you ready to grow long, healthy locks? Visit us at Chris Chase Salon for more tips and tricks and let us take care of your hair. Book your appointment online or via phone and stop by to find your favorite hair care products. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!