"FAQ: Japanese Hair Straightening"

February 7, 2020

long haired woman in a grey top standing with her hair flowing

Do you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair and would love to have straight hair? Are you tired of spending hours in the bathroom each morning, trying to tame your unruly locks? Here comes the solution! You've probably already heard of the term “Japanese Hair Straightening”. The treatment got famous in the 2000’s and is still more than relevant. But do you really know what the procedure includes, how long it lasts and how it works? Read on and learn everything you need to know before booking your Japanese Hair Straightening at Chris Chase Salon!

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening?
Japanese Hair Straightening is a process to permanently straighten hair. The treatment will transform your locks into a sleeker, shinier version and eliminate frizz. Even better, the thermal reconditioning system doesn’t contain formaldehyde and won’t damage your hair in any way.

What Are The Benefits?
Thanks to the Japanese Hair Straightening, you can enjoy permanently silky, straight locks. The service provides you amazing results and is long lasting. Your hair will be left shiny, without frizz and incredibly sleek.

How Does Japanese Hair Straightening Work?
Japanese Hair Straightening works with a thermal reconditioning system. This means your stylist will apply a special solution to your hair that breaks down your hair’s bonds and its structure. Once applied, the solution will do its magic and your stylist will rinse it out. Your hair is then blow dried and flat ironed leaving a remarkably pin-straight look that is treated with a neutralizer. The neutralizer is effective in keeping your hair’s new shape.

happy woman with long straight hair turning around to face the camera How Long Does The Process At The Salon Take?
Depending on your thickness and length of hair, the Japanese Hair Straightening at Chris Chase Salon may take a few hours. We always recommend coming in for a consultation first so our stylists can analyze your hair and answer this question more specifically.

How Long Does A Japanese Hair Straightening Last?
The Japanese Hair Straightening is a permanent treatment. Once done, you can enjoy the results for up to six months.

What About The Post-Treatment?
After getting your Japanese Hair Straightening you shouldn't wash your hair in the first 3 days as it could destroy the results. After the first few days, there’s nothing you need to be concerned about!

Is Japanese Hair Straightening Suitable For Every Hair Type?

Our stylists at Chris Chase Salon are experienced in applying the method of Japanese hair Straightening to every type of hair (including colored hair). You can simply give us a visit, enjoy a consultation before getting the treatment, and have all your questions about your specific hair type answered.

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