"How To Find The Perfect Hair Care Routine"

February 24, 2020

woman running hands through her long wet hair

No matter if you have blonde hair, curly hair, short hair or long hair - all of us are craving gorgeous looking locks like we just walked out of the hair salon. With the right hair care, you can achieve your hair goals every day. But do you know how to find your perfect hair care routine? Just like understanding your skin type for an effective skin care regimen, you need to determine your hair type in order to find out what your hair needs. This might seem overwhelming at first, but isn’t as hard as you may think. Below you can find everything needed to get to know which hair type you are and what this means for your hair care routine!

Hair Texture
The first thing to pay attention to is the texture of your hair. Your hair’s texture is the result of the natural shape/ pattern of your locks. The best way to find out which texture your hair has is to wash your hair and let it air dry. If your hair dries without any bend or curls, your hair type is straight. If it dries with a soft curve, your locks are considered wavy. In case your hair dries in a defined curl or loop pattern, your hair type is curly. Here are some of our favorite products for straight, wavy and curly hair:

woman with black wavy hair looking at the camera Hair Structure
When talking about hair structure in the hair industry, the thickness of your mane is meant. Your hair’s structure affects how good or bad your locks will hold in different styles and how it reacts with certain products. In general, there are three different categories: fine hair, medium and thick hair. To find out which hair structure you have you can check how well it holds a style. Fine hair is very delicate and only holds curls poorly. Medium hair is easy to style and able to hold the shape of a certain style, like curls, for a longer time. Thick hair typically can hold curls very well, but isn’t easy to style as it is less supple. For each hair structure there are special products which target your hair’s need. For example: boost your fine hair’s volume with R&Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo!

Scalp Moisture
Your hair’s health significantly depends on the health of your scalp. This means taking care of your scalp is mandatory in your hair care routine. If your hair tends to be oily, we recommend using a shampoo that regulates your scalp’s natural oils like the R&Co Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo. In case you have a flaky scalp, using a product line against dandruff will be beneficial. For this purpose, we recommend Oribe Serene Scalp Shampoo. In general, a regular scalp scrub will avoid buildup and regulate your scalps sebum production on every scalp type.

Still Not Sure Which Products To Use?
Finding the perfect hair care routine is complex and often takes some time. In case you’re looking for help, give us a visit at Chris Chase Salon. We offer a wide range of products from professional brands like Oribe or R&Co and our stylists are here to assist you in finding your perfect hair care match. We’re looking forward to having you soon in our West Chelsea Salon!