"Winter Trends 2019: Hairstyles You Need to Try This Season"

December 13, 2019

blonde woman with a black gala dress cocking her head to the side and brushing a hand against her cheek

The stylists at Chris Chase are always up for the latest hair trends - and so should you! If you ask us, the winter months are the perfect time to experiment with your hair. Besides all the holiday parties, the cold weather and the new year, winter is your chance to embrace the change and try something new with your locks. Whether you’re looking for small changes or a complete makeover, read on to get to know some gorgeous winter 2019 and 2020 hair trends. Let’s get inspired!

woman with long black hair and shiny metal hair clips Hair Clips
Hair Clips got more and more popular throughout the year - and they’ll definitely remain trending! Within seconds, you can transform your look by adding beautiful hair accessories, like this one. Whether you want to achieve a cool, casual look or prefer to create a glamorous feel, there are hair clips for every occasion. Whatever length, texture or cut, you can always pin a couple of beautiful clips into your hair and level up your style significantly !

ariana grande high ponytail back view with exposed shoulders High Ponytail
Ariana Grande’s favorite hairstyle is finally back : the high ponytail is trending again! The simple, yet stunning look, is easy to style and can be achieved with almost every type of hair. How? Using the right styling products is the key! In order to get that sleek look, you need to find the perfect styling products to control your locks. Give us a visit at Chris Chase Salon and let our stylists help you find the perfect match to recreate this beautiful hairstyle!

back view of a woman with short tangled braids and big gold earrings with hanging stones Upgraded Braid
Are you tired of all the basic braids this winter? Do you want to try a new, beautiful style to shine at every party? Let’s transform a simple look we all know and love! Step 1: work a texturizing spray, like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, into your hair to give it grit and volume. Step 2: create a low, french braid. Step 3: create a low bun with your braided hair and secure your ends under the braid with the help of some bobby pins. Step 4: Enjoy all the compliments you’ll receive for this stunning look!

taylor swift in a yellow dress with black flower looking sideways Soft Bangs
The winter season is the ultimate moment to get some bangs! In the cold months it's way easier to take care of this style than in the summer heat. In case you don’t dare to cut your hair off, get yourself some fake bangs. By doing so, you can get used to the look and see if you like it. Give us a visit at Chris Chase salon and let our stylist help you make the right decision! Style your locks Did you get excited to try any of these gorgeous looks? Book an appointment with us, so that we may help you achieve the look of your dreams. Our talented stylists can’t wait to create a beautiful look for you and educate you on how to maintain it with the proper matching hair care products. Book your appointment now.