"Reasons Why Working at Chris Chase is The Best"

October 11, 2019

Finding the right salon to work at as a hair stylist might seem hard, especially with the large amount of options in NYC. Each salon has its own unique message and feel, and may not be the right match for everyone. If you’re looking for a luxurious, professional salon with an international team, Chris Chase might be what you’re searching for. See some of the reasons why working at Chris Chase Salon is the best for any stylist looking for work in New York City!


The atmosphere of the salon you work in is important to feel comfortable and passionate about what you’re doing on a daily basis. At Chris Chase Salon, you’ll find a professional, yet laid back and chill environment. For us, it’s important to provide every stylist the creative freedom needed in order to achieve the most beautiful hairstyles for our clients. Visit us and get a first-hand impression!


Chris Chase Salon has been a part of the New Yorker beauty industry for almost 30 years now. We must say, we’ve gained a lot of experience and expertise that resonates with new customers. We excel in customer service providing a chic and warm experience. Working at Chris Chase means becoming a part of our history, and is a sure way for any hair stylist to excel and succeed in New York City.


As a stylist at Chris Chase, you can have a full range of flexibility with your work schedules, making them fit into your personal life. We’re open for freelancers and stylists who don’t plan to stay long in NYC as well. Together, we can work out a schedule that fits your needs and makes the time you spend working at Chris Chase perfect for you!

Luxury interior

If you clicked through our website already, you probably noticed our luxurious interior. Chris Chase is a high end salon, providing a glamorous environment for our clients and hair technicians. For our stylists, we provide everything they need in order to create the most beautiful looks. You’ll find a wide range of tools and hair care products needed to create the hairstyle your client desire!

International team

We love our Chris Chase team! We have stylists from all over the world working at Chris Chase Salon, sharing their passion for hair. You can always learn from each other, work together and exchange ideas. The team is welcoming and will make you feel comfortable the moment you enter our salon!