"Mens Hairstyle Inspirations"

December 12, 2018

You are not satisfied with your current haircut anymore? You feel like everyone else has the same haircut as you? Well, seems like it is time for a new hairstyle/ haircut and we promise, there are a lot of opportunities. In order to find the perfect style for you, here comes some inspiration for men's hairstyles!

1. Modern Undercut

Stylish bearded guy looking to the side

A clean and modern look, with nice fades on the side and some extra volume on the top section of the head. A hairstyle that works for every occasion.

2. Wild

Man with hair in front of his eyes

This hairstyle comes with a wild and unruly look. Provided by the mix of faded, shaved and long hair, a unique and young look is created.

3. Voluminous

Guy with big hair grabbing a fence

What a great hairstyle ! Some extra volume is added to the the hair in order to make it look thicker and create some soft curls. For sure, this is a nice and extraordinary style.

4. What about a bun?

Sideways man with a hairbun

Long hair and buns are only for women? That's not true at all! Long hair and buns can look great on man, look at this example! If you can't manage to do a good bun on the first time, don’t give up and give it some tries and soon you’ll get how it works.

5. Medium length

Man with yellow sweater thinking

Look at this shiny hair! This handsome hairstyle provides you a fancy look, is easy to style and still looks unique. You wonder how your hair gets as nourished and shiny like in this example? Include a conditioner in your hair care routine!

6. Stylish

Dapper smiling guy with stylish hair

Modern, stylish, handsome! This hairstyle convinces with a lot of qualities. It is easy to style and make your hair look great and thicker by adding some extra volume. We are sure that you will love this hairstyle as much as we do!

7. Wild and messy

Guy with disheveled hair

A hairstyle for all those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning to make their hair look good. This one is easy to style and just needs some simple touches to look as great as on the picture.

8. Long

Long haired man leaning against a wall

A casual hairstyle for men with long hair. To achieve this style, you basically have to do nothing except of letting your hair grow, keep it healthy and brush it. For this length of hair, there are other hairstyles you can try like a bun ( have a look at hairstyle number 4).

9. Curly Hair

Smiling guy with curly hair

Curls are looking great ! If your natural curly hair, you’ve won the jackpot. If you don’t, there are ways to get curly hair, don’t worry. Get some information about a perm in order to transform your hair into curls.

10. Shave it !

Man with shaved hair

The ultimate hairstyle for those who don’t want to or don’t have time to spend only one second worrying about their hairstyle. In order to keep this hairstyle fresh and good looking, don’t forget to shave your hair regularly at the desired length.